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The best casino movies

Gambling means excitement, thrills and great emotions. It is no wonder that there are a number of top casino films. The editorial team of Slots Express presents you with your favorite films in this article. For real gambling fans, these casino films are entertainment and inspiration at the same time. The Gambler The Gambler is an American film directed by Rupert Wyatt from 2014 with Mark Wahlberg in the leading role . The film is a remake of the film of the same name (in Germany: “Player without scruples”) from 1974 with James Caan. The plot – what is The Gambler about? Jim Bennett is “The Gambler”, an addicted professor of literature in Los Angeles. His gambling addiction goes so far that he even gambles away the great legacy of his grandfather Ed and ends up with a huge mountain of debt. To make matters worse, Bennett not only plays in legal casinos, so that the debt ultimately also becomes a security problem for his entire family.

After various attempts to borrow the money from the loan shark Frank to gain at least some time, he succeeds in convincing his wealthy mother to lend him $ 260,000 . But instead of using this money to pay off his debts, he gambles away the entire amount on a single visit to the casino. Jim has one of his courses, the student Amy, whom he attests to his great literary talent. Amy is drawn to Jim, but Jim’s negative outlook on life makes it difficult to approach. On the same course as Amy is Lamar, a basketball player who dreams of an NBA career. One of his dodgy lenders kidnapped Jim and threatens to murder Amy. To prevent that from happening, Jim is supposed to get Lamar to win a certain game with a lead of no more than 7 points. Lamar gets involved in this deal after Jim promises him $ 150,000. Even after this campaign, a large mountain of debt remains. Ultimately, Jim gets Frank to lend him $ 260,000. However, Frank makes it clear that he will kill Jim’s entire personal environment if he doesn’t repay the money. Ultimately, it all boils down to a big showdown in which Jim does everything in roulette to completely pay off his debts with the winnings. He wins and stops playing. Instead, he walks halfway through town to Amy.

The actors – who is playing? Jim is played by Mark Wahlberg . His mother Roberta is portrayed by Jessica Lange . John Goodman plays the loan shark Frank. Alvin Ing plays Lee, the operator of an illegal casino. George Kennedy plays Jim’s grandfather Ed. Amy is portrayed by Brie Larson. What role does gambling play in “The Gambler”? What games are there? Jim Bennett is only interested in real gambling. Poker doesn’t seem to be interesting for The Gambler. The most important game in the film is the classic roulette. The showdown is particularly exciting, with Jim playing at the roulette table for his future and the future of the people closest to him. But blackjack also occurs. There is a strategic part to this game, but ultimately it is the luck factor that determines success. An important detail that should not be overlooked: Jim Bennett doesn’t think much of himself or of life itself. This is the main reason why he is willing to take big risks, for example in illegal casinos. Where the film was shot? The Gambler was filmed in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Well-known film locations were the USC Galen Center , the Playboy Mansion and the University of Southern California . The key scenes take place in illegal casinos, but at least marginally, some of the big casinos in Las Vegas also occur. But the famous Las Vegas Strip only plays a minor role in The Gambler. There are other casino films that focus on Las Vegas. The most famous and best example is Martin Scorsese’s casino . Fun Fact: George Kennedy is one of the most high-profile supporting actors in American cinema history. The famous actor made his last appearance as The Grandfather of Jim Bennett in The Gambler. George Kennedy passed away in 2016 at the age of 91. Casino fans have to watch this film because … … the potential madness of gambling is demonstrated impressively. The Gambler is one of the casino films that is primarily about gambling addiction. Basically, it’s about a character study. Jim Bennett is addicted to gambling, but there is a reason for it. Jim is not particularly enthusiastic about his life and gambling has something self-destructive for him.It is only through Amy that another perspective slowly develops. Ultimately, it is his new girlfriend who makes him give up gambling. It is remarkable, however, that he puts everything on a card beforehand, including his girlfriend’s life. Mark Wahlberg plays Jim Bennett very impressively. It is believed that he is ready to take great risks. Jessica Lange and John Goodman also convince in their roles.

The film is first-class, but not always easy to endure. The showdown finally brings the hoped-for redemption and the desired happy ending . Casino Casino is a 1995 mafia film directed by Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro in the lead role. For many critics, casino is the ultimate 1970s Las Vegas film . The plot – what is casino about? Casino tells a story from 1970s Las Vegas . The focus is on Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a successful professional who is commissioned by Chicago Outfit (Italian mafia) to manage Casino Tangiers. Ace succeeds in making the dilapidated casino a top address within a few years. Much of the proceeds go directly to Chicago Outfit. It also impressively shows how corruption prevents the police and licensing authorities from tackling the shady business. Nicky Santoro is an old friend of Ace who is not directly involved in the Tangiers business. But as an enforcer, Nicky is responsible for the dirty work. But Nicky is not satisfied with the wages he receives from Ace. That is why he builds his own gang that is involved in numerous criminal activities. Nicky goes so far that he is banned from all casinos in Las Vegas. The occasion: Nicky plays too irritatingly wrong and gets caught. Ginger is a noble prostitute who develops into the great love of Ace. However, Ginger has a problematic relationship with her former pimp.

That is why there are always difficulties between Ginger and Ace. The main problem, however, is that Ginger doesn’t love Ace and, despite the luxurious lifestyle, is becoming increasingly unhappy. At some point this goes so far that Ginger asks Nicky to kill Ace. But he refuses so as not to become the target of Chicago’s outfit. Circumstances are changing in Las Vegas. The mafia is no longer able to stop the authorities completely. This is impressively illustrated in the film when Ace tries to get a casino license but the application is rejected. Some mafia greats are eventually arrested. The direct consequence of this is that numerous know-it-alls are knocked out of the way by contract killings. Ace also believes that she is on the Mafia list. Casino begins in 1983 with a scene in which Sam Rothstein gets into a car that blows up shortly after. The film ends with the sequel to the scene, which shows that Ace survived. The bomb was placed by Nicky, who is ultimately buried alive by the mafia. Sam Rothstein says goodbye to Las Vegas. He is one of the few who neither end up in jail nor murdered. In conclusion, it is said that Ace lives a quiet life as a bookmaker with his daughter. Ginger dies of an overdose.

The actors – who is playing? Martin Scorsese has put together an impressive ensemble of actors for Casino. Robert De Niro plays Sam “Ace” Rothstein. Joe Pesci embodies Nicky Santoro. Ginger is played by Sharon Stone . The supporting roles are also excellent, for example with James Woods, Don Rickles and Alan King. What role does gambling play in casino? Gambling is not at the center of the action. But the Tangiers Casino is one of the most important places in the film. That is why roulette tables, blackjack tables and slot machines can be seen again and again. The scene in which Nicky is caught misleading is particularly beautiful. It is interesting for gambling fans to see what Las Vegas looked like in the 1970s. Among other things, the film is famous for being very realistic in the details down to the last detail. Where was the casino shot? All scenes were filmed at the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas. However, the entrance to the casino where the film is shown is not the entrance to the Riviera Casino. Instead, Scorsese decided to use the magnificent entrance to the Landmark Hotel for the film. The “Landmark Hotel and Casino” was already closed at the time of filming and was torn down a little later. Fun Fact: Casino is based on the life story of Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal . The film could never have been made if Rosenthal hadn’t been a big fan of Robert De Niro. Screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi had tried several times to get Rosenthal to process the story in a film.

But the former casino manager had always refused. It was only when Rosenthal found out that he should be played by Robert De Niro, did he agree and sell the rights to his story. By the way, the book on which the film is based was only released after the film was released. Casino fans have to watch this film because … … Casino shows the old Las Vegas in great pictures. Casino is without a doubt one of Martin Scorsese’s best films. The critics argue whether Good Fellas or Casino is the best mafia film by the director genius. We recommend: watch both! However, Las Vegas is the only casino. A film with film icons such as Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone would probably be worth seeing even without a brilliant director. But Martin Scorsese turns casino into a grandiose epic that can be seen as a brutal moral painting of a bygone era. The acting performances are of the highest level. The same applies to Robert Richardson’s camera work. Casino is not suitable for the faint-hearted because there are some very brutal scenes. The scene in which Nicky Santoro is buried alive is particularly difficult to endure. But violence is often an important stylistic device for Martin Scorsese and the film would be completely different if disputes and assaults were not so explicitly presented. Gambling is not the focus of casino.

But incidentally, the viewers can get a comprehensive impression of a special parallel world, which in this distinctive form probably only existed for a few years in Las Vegas. The film is almost three hours long, but boredom does not arise anywhere. It is even worthwhile to have a look at the casino several times, because there are many small details that are easy to miss when you first look at them. Casino is a film that every cinema fan should see at some point. 21 21 is a 2008 US film directed by Robert Luketic. The film tells the story of an MIT blackjack team that became a terrifying casino in 1979 with an ingenious card counting system. The plot – what is 21 about? Ben Campbell studies at the world famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). However, the talented student’s secret dream is to study medicine at Harvard University. During an interview at Harvard University, he was informed that there were many similarly gifted students. Only if he could offer something that the others didn’t have, a special story, would he have a chance of a place at university. Ben then tells the story of the MIT Blackjack team. Counting cards in blackjack – how it works In flashbacks, the film tells how Ben is invited by his math professor Micky Rosa to work in a secret group. The group’s goal: To develop a blackjack system that makes it possible to beat any casino in the world. Ben initially refuses, but is put under pressure by his professor and finally agrees. As a result, Ben regularly finds himself in Las Vegas to play with other students from the group at blackjack tables. Despite his initial skepticism, Ben quickly becomes fascinated by the financial success and continues to increase the stakes.

Due to the commitment to the MIT Blackjack Team, his student achievements suffer and he gets difficulties with his friends. At the same time, he also wants to win his teammate Jill Taylor. Financial success seems to be the best prerequisite for him to be able to live a great life with Jill. The constant disputes in his private life ultimately result in Ben losing control and dropping $ 200,000 in a single night for disregarding the signals from his teammates. This leads to a dispute and ultimately a break with Professor Rosa. After a violent dispute, the team members decide to continue on their own under the direction of Ben. But Professor Rosa does not want to allow this and reveals the group to a Cole Williams, who as manager of security in various casinos has long noticed Ben and his teammates. So far, however, he has not been able to prove that card counting is prohibited. The result is that Ben is brutally beaten and has to leave Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Professor Rosa robbed Ben. All profits from the blackjack game are gone. In addition, the influential mathematics professor is supposed to ensure that Ben fails all university courses and faces the shards of his existence. In a last desperate attempt, Ben manages to convince the greedy professor to go on a blackjack tour with him one last time . Both have to mask themselves because the casinos in Las Vegas use modern facial recognition software. At first, it looks like both have had success in this last big coup. But Cole Williams discovers the two and can eventually hire the professor while Ben escapes. It turns out that Ben and Williams have been working together. The professor only has chocolate chips in his pocket as prey , which Ben cleverly exchanged for the real prize.

But Ben does not become a winner either, because Cole Williams uses a drawn weapon to show that he is collecting all the money. He justifies this with the fact that Professor Rosa has already had a similar story that made him lose his job. Ben leaves the matter alone, goes back to Boston and finally graduates from MIT . Finally, Ben forms a new team that celebrates great success and wins a lot of money with blackjack. The film ends in the office of the judge, who is visibly fascinated by the end of the story. However, it remains unclear why Ben, despite the great financial success with the new team, is dependent on receiving a Harvard scholarship. But that in no way spoils the positive ending. The actors – who is playing? Kevin Spacey plays the brilliant and at the same time devious math professor Micky Rosa. It is hard to imagine a better cast for this role, because Kevin Spacey can play characters like no other. Jim Sturgess plays the brilliant student Ben Campbell. Jill Taylor is gorgeous by Kate Bosworth . Laurence Fishburne excels in his supporting role as Cole Williams, who is actually supposed to represent the law, but is willing to go beyond the existing boundaries for his own benefit. What role does gambling play in 21? Blackjack is a special game of chance. Unlike roulette, for example, blackjack has a strategic factor. With the right decisions, it is possible to optimize the chances of winning in blackjack.

In normal practice, however, it is not possible to beat the bank in blackjack. This is only possible with card counting. The idea is pretty simple: the chances of playing change as the card deck becomes smaller and contains fewer cards. The art of counting cards is to keep track of all in-game actions to make better decisions. Ultimately, this is a relatively simple math problem. The difficulty is to implement card counting in such a way that the casino does not notice anything. At 21, a system is presented that has worked excellently in practice for almost two decades. The main character Ben plays with several other players, whose main job is to keep track of the cards dealt. With agreed signs and gestures, Ben is made to understand whether, for example, he should draw a new card or leave the cards standing. Blackjack is the only casino game that has such a structural gap. But the casinos have long responded: Today, for example, it is common for at least 6 decks of cards to be used. Often the deck of cards is not played until the end. With such countermeasures, card counting systems are (unfortunately) no longer lucrative nowadays . Where was 21 filmed? The casino scenes in 21 were filmed at Red Rock Casino, Hard Rock Casino and Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas.

Some of the scenes were filmed during operation, creating a very realistic atmosphere. It was not difficult for the producers to get filming permits in Las Vegas. The casino owners see the film as advertising. Since card counting no longer works in Las Vegas due to various countermeasures, the casinos are happy to welcome any player who wants to try out an old or new card counting system at the blackjack table. The real MIT cannot be seen in the film. The corresponding scenes were filmed in the University of Boston. Fun Fact: In one scene, Ben greets a blackjack dealer with the words, “Jeffrey, my brother from another mother.” The dealer is Jeff Ma, once a member of one of the real MIT blackjack teams . The ex-MIT student’s cameo is a particularly nice detail. Casino fans have to watch this film because … … every casino fan dreams of breaking the bank. The MIT Blackjack teams came very close to this dream. For almost two decades, different teams managed to financially damage numerous casinos. However, it was never actually possible to blow up the bank completely. In theory that would have been possible. But for security reasons, all MIT Blackjack teams have taken great care not to attract attention. This also included spreading the activities across many different casinos and countries. Gone are the days when it was possible to win gigantic sums of money by counting cards at the blackjack table.

But it’s fun to remember this time with nostalgic melancholy. Casino Royale Casino Royale is the 21st film in the James Bond series from 2006 and is less of a casino film genre. Directed by Martin Campbell, Daniel Craig was allowed to slip into the role of the legendary secret agent for the first time. The plot – what is Casino Royale about? Casino Royale is based on the first novel in the James Bond series by Ian Flemming. Steven Obanno, a high member of the Lord’s Resistance Army, hands over a large sum of money to the stock trader Le Chiffre. The contact between these two shady figures was established by the banker Mr. White, who will play an important role later. Le Chiffre uses the money to recruit the terrorist Mollaka through a middleman. This is where James Bond comes in. In Madagascar, James Bond chases Mollaka in a wild chase and finally kills him. But an arrest was planned. The result is that Bond is withdrawn from the case by his superior M. However, James Bond is not impressed by this and tries to determine who is behind Mollaka. Finally, he can identify Alex Dimitrios as a middleman. After long shading in the Bahamas , Bond finally kills Dimitrios in Miami .

Then he prevents a terrorist attack and kills the terrorist Carlos. He is hurting Le Chiffre because the speculator wanted to make a fortune by short selling with the assassination attempt. Now Le Chiffre has the problem that Obanno’s money is gone, but his plan has not worked. Le Chiffre sees only one way out to solve the huge financial problem. He flies to Montenegro to the losses with poker winnings at the Casino Royale compensate . British intelligence agency MI6 learns of this plan and instructs James Bond to stop Le Chiffre. Through René Mathis, a local agent, Bond gets to know Vesper Lynd, who embodies the traditional Bond girl in this film . As a cover, James Bond takes part in the same poker tournament as Le Chiffre. During the tournament, Le Chiffre briefly withdraws to his room and is massively threatened by Obanno. James Bond catches the scene and pulls Obanno out of the traffic. Subsequently, Bond has to make a deal with the local CIA employee in order to have enough money to participate in the tournament. In return, Bond promises that Leitner and the CIA will have access to the infamous Le Chiffre. Bond finally wins the tournament, but is almost poisoned by Le Chiffre beforehand. The most famous scene in the film is the crucial game in which Bond wins with a straight flush in an almost hopeless position . However, Le Chiffre doesn’t let it go and kidnaps Bond girl Vesper Lynd. In the chase that followed, Bond nearly ran over Lynd. As a result of the evasive maneuver, which is necessary to avoid running over the Lynd lying on the ground, Bond loses consciousness completely. So he regains consciousness, Le Chiffre explains to the secret agent that the local agent Mathis is on his payroll. The bound bondage is brutally tortured. Sitting naked in a chair, Bond has to endure violent blows with a monkey fist (knotted rope) on his genitals. But James Bond does not accept Le Chiffre’s demands.

The speculator then wants to kill Bond. At the last moment, he is surprisingly saved by the banker Mr. White. Mr. White shoots Le Chiffre and frees Bond from his predicament. The rescued bond recovers from the unpleasant experiences in the best tradition with Vesper Lynd on a beach. James Bond has had enough of secret agent life and wants to start a future with his new girlfriend. For this reason, he sends his notice of termination to his boss M., but getting out is not that easy. In Venice, Bond is finally informed that Vesper Lynd was forced to hand over the money from the tournament prize to the terrorists. In Venice, Bond kills various terrorists in the alleged handover of money. However, there is still no happy ending, because Vesper Lynd takes his own life . She chooses a particularly cruel method. Enclosed in an elevator, she can be pulled under the water surface in a sinking house. Bond can still free his girlfriend from this predicament, but it is too late. When Bond checks his girlfriend’s cell phone, he realizes that Mr. White is now in possession of the money.

Bond shoots the banker in the leg. The latter then asked him for his name. Remarkable: For the first time in the entire film, His Majesty’s most famous secret agent says: “My name is Bond, James Bond.” Another note for prospective Bond fans: The plot will be continued in the next Bond film “A Quantum of Solace” (original title: Quantum of Solace). The actors – who is playing? For the first time, Daniel Craig played the role of MI6’s famous secret agent for Casino Royale. Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan have appeared before him as James Bond in the official film series. By the way, Mark Wahlberg from The Gambler has already been traded as a future bond. Eva Green plays the bond girl Vesper Lynd. Opponent Le Chiffre is Mads Mikkelsen . Bond’s boss M is played by Judi Dench . James Bond is one of the most sought after roles for male actors in their prime. But history shows that a cast as James Bond can also lead to a career decline. However, the critics agree: Daniel Craig not only plays the role of the British secret agent in Casino Royale. In the following films, Daniel Craig shows that he is an excellent cast. What role does gambling play in Casino Royale? The poker tournament in which James Bond and his opponent Le Chiffre take part plays an important role in dramaturgy. Incidentally, no-limit Texas Hold’em is played. This is a good choice since most poker fans know this game well.

The rules of the game are optimal for a showdown, because the community cards on the turn and river can completely change the outcome of the game. For a real poker fan, Casino Royale is an exciting film precisely because of the poker tournament. Otherwise, poker plays no role in the plot. Other games of chance are marginal at best when James Bond or the other characters move around the casino. Where was Casino Royale filmed? Most of the film was shot at Barrandov Studios in Prague and at Pinewood Studios near London. The casino scenes were also filmed in the studio , not in a real casino. Nevertheless, a realistic atmosphere is created in this casino film, which also convinces a real gambling fan. The outside scenes were filmed in Italy, Great Britain and the Bahamas. Fun Fact: Many fans of the James Bond series are waiting in vain for Casino Royale for Q, the ingenious inventor who equips Bond with ingenious weapons in various films. However, Q does not appear in Casino Royale. There is a simple reason for this: Q does not yet exist in Ian Fleming’s novel of the same name, on which the film is based. The famous Miss Moneypenny also does not appear in the film, although this is at least mentioned in a subordinate clause of the novel. Casino fans have to watch this film because … … the showdown between James Bond and Le Chiffre at the final table is one of the best poker scenes in film history . For both players it is about a lot.

The tension therefore rises to the boiling point. Maybe it’s a little too nice that Bond ends up winning with a straight flush. But it is not impossible. There is probably no poker fan who has never dreamed of winning an important game with such a great hand at the last moment.

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